Friday, July 31st, 2015


Welcome to Echoing Hope Ranch. We are excited to tell you about employment opportunities with our organization.
If you are looking for a unique challenge where you will learn about a fascinating disability and have a chance to change the lives of teens or adults in a ranch setting— we think we have something special to offer you.  We are looking for responsible, caring and mature individuals to partner with us in our effort to develop and implement innovative solutions for people with autism. It will be helpful for you to know a few things about us.

First, if you are hired to join our team we will offer you extensive training on autism and our intervention strategies. You will learn specific skills on how to teach a person served by our organization, along with different policies and procedures to support these wonderful individuals safely and professionally.

Once a person is trained they will be an important part of an interdisciplinary team. Each person we serve is supported by a team that works collaboratively to identify how we will respond to the individual’s strengths and needs. In other words, you won’t be alone in establishing how to handle challenges. And you will play an important role in helping us define our supports.

Our staff will need to learn new communication skillsMany of the people we support may not speak using words or their communication skills may be limited in other ways. It will be important that our employees understand these challenges and are open to exploring new ways to listen and speak.  So you see, while it may be helpful, it isn’t necessary that you have extensive experience with autism. It is more important that you are interested in helping others grow and willing to learn.

Before a candidate can begin working at Echoing Hope Ranch we require that each person pass a pre-employment drug screen. Some positions require that a staff drive individuals served in their personal vehicle or a fleet vehicle. The employee must have a current Arizona State driver’s license and provide proof of insurance.

Finally, we ask that each candidate be prepared to dress professionally. Some may be working on the ranch or other environments where they may soil their clothes so we don’t need people to wear their best clothing, but we do want our staff to represent those we serve and Echoing Hope Ranch in a professional manner. We frequently interact with other professionals and the general public. We have an obligation to present those we serve in a positive light.

We hope we have raised your interest in applying for a position at Echoing Hope Ranch. What we do isn’t the right job for everyone. There are challenges. This isn’t a job for the faint of heart. Our staff will be the first to tell you that it is a challenging assignment that requires patience and fortitude. But they’ll also tell you the rewards are too numerous to count.

If you want to experience a relationship with individuals who have a unique perspective on our world we hope to hear from you soon.

Application for Employment