Friday, October 31st, 2014


Echoing Hope Ranch’s programs will be designed to serve the total needs teens and adults with autism. Our new San Pedro River campus is located at 8344 S. Hereford Rd. Hereford, AZ. We will be excited to begin providing services at the ranch in early 2013. The property has four homes that up to ten people with autism can call home. There are is also a greenhouse, wood shop, corrals,a barn and a building to be used for daytime and evening activities.

While the San Pedro River campus will be a great start to realizing our mission, there are many additional components of the program not available at that campus. We will continue our planning for the Rio Vista Campus. A large component of the program will be based on the agricultural autism community model found in Bittersweet Farms, the Homestead, Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch and now the EHR’s San Pedro River Campus. The Rio Vista Campus will also provide services including a respite home, teaching opportunities, after school programs, summer camps and more. More information about the Rio Vista concept behind the project can be found below.

Concept Paper

Ranch Details